PERL etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster
PERL etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster

PHP vs ASP vs JSP vs ColdFusion vs PERL

CF - I was an expert at it at one time - before java intragration. Costs $$$ - so why use it when there are so many good free ones out. Didn't scale as well as the other languages (when i used it in the past)

PERL - like the pervious guy said - perl is great - but why, when php is faster to develope, learn, and use. (runs faster too)

PHP - its great for small and medium sites. for large - complex sites with complex business logic, jsp/ win hands down. Better tools to reuse logic with those. Runs very fast. the php/MySQL combo is hard to beat. Very stable.

asp - ok, easy to learn, not as easy as CF. Runs faster then CF, slower then PHP. If you don't already know it - move on to .net - good web language. The fastest out there and very easy to scale. But again - you have to pay for the OS. Very stable.

JSP - only JSP and are really fully object oriented and you can reuse your code in websites, serverside apps and client apps. JSP is a little harded to learn (java vs VB) JSP can be fast - but its harder to tune then Out of the box - is faster.

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