HTML etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster
HTML etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster

Special Characters in HTML

Certain characters are not available on some keyboards, and some characters, if used in HTML code will be interpreted by the browser as code, rather than literal letters. For example, "<" and ">" all by themselves would be thought of as TAGS by the browser. When writing HTML code, I have had to use special characters to write these so they show up as < or >!

Prevent cache in HTML

META tag inside HEAD. Like this :

< /HEAD>

How to Merge ASP With HTML

Merging ASP and HTML enables you to create a dynamic website with a wealth of information.
Below is an illustration of how to create an ASP page for classic ASP and ASP.NET 2.0that show the login credentials of a user.

1.Write the programming language you will use for the ASP code. Your options are VBScript, JavaScript and VB or C# for ASP.NET.

Classic ASP
< %@Language="VBSCript,"

< %@Page Language="VB," %>

2.Name the HTML Header and part of BODY section
< TITLE >Login Page< /TITLE >
< /HEAD >

3. Begin the BODY section


< B >Login Page< /B>< /FONT >< BR >

< HR SIZE="1" COLOR="#000000" >

4. Put ASP code within the HTML text

You logged in as user: <%= Request. ServerVariables ("LOGON_USER") %>

< P>You were authenticated using:< B> < %= Request.ServerVariables("AUTH_TYPE")% >< /B> authentication.

5.Insert the closing Tags for BODY and HTML
< /BODY>
< /HTML>

6. Save the file. Use .asp for classic ASP file and .aspx for ASP.NET file.
e.g UserCredential.asp or UserCredential.aspx

How to Change the Colors on Your Webpage?

1.I'm going to open up the page I wrote for my previous article. You go ahead and open up the page you want to edit.
2.We are going to be using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) This is a language developed specifically for changing the way a page looks. It is possible to do this with HTML as well, but it is not recommended. (Other web designers will laugh at you)
3.Add the code as shown in the image. You can change the color green with whatever color you wish. Note, however, that not every color name will be recognized by the browser reading it. Defining exact colors is a bit more complex, and will probably be covered in a later

4.Save your file and open it, the background should now be green.
Now add the code I have in the image shown. We're not done yet.

5.Now add the code in the image shown. Save and refresh the page, the text in that paragraph tag should appear red. I guess I'm going for some kind of Christmas theme.

6.Well you're done! Let's look at what the code means

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