Shrink a tablespace in Oracle 10G OEM?

Here are the steps that you can follow to resize a tablespace using Oracle 10G OEM.

1. To log in to Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control:

Open your Web browser and enter the following URL


In a default installation, the port number is 1158. If you are unsure of the correct port number to use, look for the following line in the ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\install\portlist.ini file:

Enterprise Manager Console HTTP Port (db_name) = port

For example, if you installed the database on a host computer named mgmt42, and the port number listed in the portlist.ini file is 5500, then enter the following URL

Enterprise Manager displays the Database Control Login Page.

Log in to the database using the SYSMAN database user account. Enterprise Manager displays the Oracle Database home page.

Use the password you specified for the SYSMAN account during the Oracle Database installation.

2. Select/click on Administration link > then on storage link on the next page and select tablespace

3. Click on datafile name then "Edit".

Enter new datafile size in MB or KB and click on apply when finished.

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