ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected string got string

Cause: One of the following:

An attempt was made to perform an operation on incompatible datatypes. For example, adding a character field to a date field (dates may only be added to numeric fields) or concatenating a character field with a long field.

An attempt was made to perform an operation on a database object (such as a table or view) that is not intended for normal use. For example, system tables cannot be modified by a user. Note that on rare occasions this error occurs because a misspelled object name matched a restricted object's name.
An attempt was made to use an undocumented view.

Action: If the cause is different datatypes, then use consistent datatypes. For example, convert the character field to a numeric field with the TO_NUMBER function before adding it to the date field. Functions may not be used with long fields.
an object not intended for normal use, then do not access the restricted object.

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