SQL Server vs MySQL vs Oracle vs PostgreSQL

As far as features, performance and power goes, Oracle is leader of the pack clearly. There are more features and tools available for Oracle than for any other DB. However, you will be paying, and paying dearly. You will be able to rest assured that your DB system is the best that money can buy.

Now in most cases, money *is* an object, and as such tradeoffs must be made. In my opinion, PostgreSQL is just below Oracle for powerand features. In fact, there are some things now that PGSQL even do better than Oracle especially in terms of transaction concurrency, PGSQL's MVCC (Multi Version Concurrency Control) model is widely accepted as beign the best conscurrency handling system there is. And its catching up. PGSQL version 8 is due out any day now, there are huge performance increases and features being added in the new version such as native Windows support (it will now install and run on any Win32 system including NT, 2000, XP and 2003), replication in the Slony-I project which brings PGSQL's scaleability to Oracle's calibre.

MySQL is a non-fitter in my opinion. It would be a great product, but since PGSQL's performance has taken great steps in the last few years there is little room for this between PGSQL and SQLite for MySQL to fit in. (SQLite is an ultralightweight, ultrafast SQL database that is embeddable and can be used for small simple projects, and is blisteringly fast in such uses.) MySQL has a *huge* following, and I'm risking a lynching bad mouthing it here, but I personally feel that it is a has-been product with benefits that were once leaders of the pack but have since been overtaken by superior products, namely PostgreSQL and SQLite.

MS SQL is a good product to work with if you're a die hard Windows and Microsoft user and are familiar enough with the other software that goes with it, and are comfortable paying large amounts of money for licences. Personally, with far superior open source options, I feel that MS SQL is a silly choice unless you have your hands tied by other considerations such as licencing constraints or compatibility with other MS products.

Finally, my overall view is that I use SQLite for small projects such as web polls and guestbooks where only the standard SQL commands are sufficient and there is no need for transactions, row/column/table locking, stored procedures and the like. I use PostgreSQL for large projects requiring transactions, stored procedures and with replication I cannot see myself involved in anything too big for PG. In fact I can't think of anything outside genetics and other highly specialised fields where PG would not suffice.

Finally, PG is distributed under the BSD licence, which means there is no chance of licencing compliance issues in your application, and you are guaranteed that there will never be any costs associated with the use of the DB itself.

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