Expiring a cookie in CSharp

The first thing you need to understand about cookies is this: Cookies carry an expiry date. The second thing you need to understand is this: Expiry dates are the cause of most cookie-related bugs.

Every time you set the Value of a cookie, remember also to set the Expires date. If you fail to do this you will quickly find yourself losing Cookies owing to them having expired immediately when updating them on the client machine or when the browser closes.

When a cookie expires, the client no longer sends it to the server, so you need to make sure that the Expires property of the cookie is always in the future. If you just set a cookie's value then it will create a cookie with Expires set to DateTime.MinValue (01-Jan-0001 00:00).

You can set a cookie's Expires property using any DateTime value (a positive relief after ASP). For example, if you want a Cookie to expire after the user has not been to that part of your site for a week, you would set Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(7).

If you want the cookie to be permanent then the temptation is to use DateTime.MaxValue, as I did in the lat version of this article. However, there is a simple gotcha here.

DateTime.MaxValue is precisely 31-Dec-9999 25:59:59.9999999. But Netscape, even at version 7, doesn't cope with that value and expires the cookie immediately. Amazingly, and somewhat annoyingly, investigation showed that Netscape 7 will cope with 10-Nov-9999 21:47:44 but will not handle a second higher (I'll be honest, I didn't test it to any fraction of a second, I really wasn't interested).

Thus if, like me, you subscribe to the "it doesn't have to look pretty on Netscape, as long as it's functional on the latest version" school of thought, always use a date prior to that. A commonly accepted "permanent" cookie expiry date is DateTime.Now.AddYears(30), ie. 30 years into the future. If someone hasn't visited your site for that long, do you really care what the state was last time they were there?

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